From June 19, 2019 the total price for the apartment has the discount of 12% at investing into pent house apartments, made with client`s personal funds,№№240,241,242,243,244,245,246,247,248,249,489,490,491,492,493,494,495,496,497 at building «KHORTYTSIYA»(№33) R/C «PATRIOTYKA».

Discounts are valid only for those agreements signed during the Special Offer Program.

Clients that participate in the program “Regular customers club” will not obtain an additional discount of 2%.

The special Offer Program from “BUDEVOLUTSIYA”, Ltd “Apartment for a family” is valid from 19.06.2019 tо 04.07.2019 (inclusively).*

Please note that the terms of the Special Offer Program forbid the change of the investment object.

*1st payment – single payment made with clients` personal funds in a single payment document.
**special offer program can be stopped before the due date.


For more information please call: (044) 254-22-22