Discount of 2 % is offered for every payment for financing the residential building on Revutskogo str. (cross road with Vyshniakiska str.) in Darnytskiy district in Kyiv during the period of Sales Program “Regular customers club”.

The participant of the sale “Regular customers club” can be the owner of the real estate property that was or is being invested through PJSC Bank “ARCADA” or his/her closest relatives should family relationship is proved by relevant documents.

Discounts are valid for those agreements that will be signed during the Special Offer program.

According to the conditions of the Sales Program it is forbidden to change the object of investment.

Special Offer program from «DOMOBUDIVELNA KOMPANIYA «FUNDAMENT», Ltd, “Regular customers club” is valid from 01.11.2017 tо 31.12.2018 (inclusively).*

*Special Offer program can be stopped before the expiration date.